What Are The Classifications Of Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is made of asphalt, polyacrylonitrile fiber raw materials made by high temperature carbonization, with low density, high strength, stable chemical performance, the advantages of strong toughness, can be made into fishing rod, golf clubs, car frame, kites, eye frame, etc., application is very wide, this article is to give you said about the specific classification of carbon fiber.1. According to the style, carbon fiber can be divided into sheet, bar, profile and staple fiber.The sheets include CFRP sheets and CFRP sheets, which are usually bonded to concrete surfaces to reinforce buildings with adhesives such as epoxy resin.Bars can often be used in place of steel in building construction;Profiles include various shapes of carbon fiber that can be bonded to the surface of an object structure by means of a polymer;Short fibers can be added to concrete to build buildings.2. According to mechanical properties, it can be divided into high modulus, high strength and medium modulus.The medium modulus is generally between 274-315GPA, and the high-strength tensile strength is around 3000MPa, with the highest reaching over 4000MPa.The tensile strength of high modulus is around 600GPav.3. According to the technical data, the types of precursor fibers can be divided into asphalt based carbon fiber polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber and viscose based carbon fiber. Among them, polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber is one of the most steel used, and its high temperature resistance and shock resistance are very good.But the characteristic of pitch carbon fiber is high strength, can be used in the field that needs high rigidity.In addition to the above classification, carbon fiber can be divided into 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K according to the specifications, and can be divided into machine weaving, knitting and knitting according to the weaving method.There are so many categories for carbon fiber because of its different USES and needs.

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