What is the philosophy of the mold ERP system?

The design concept of the mold ERP system is to build an integrated management model of industry and finance by standardizing the basic business process of the enterprise, taking the business process as the core and financial data as the bridge, so as to realize the synergy of management.

Enterprises generally regard business projects as their management units, and project development and management are business-oriented. The coordination between horizontal departments and the deployment and scheduling between the vertical and subordinate companies are all centered on the project department.

If project information cannot be effectively transmitted between procurement, sales, engineering, human resources, finance and other departments, the project schedule is blurred, and the business processes between all levels of companies are not unified, and there will be serious hidden dangers in corporate management.

Cost is the management hub of an enterprise. If the collection of cost data is inaccurate, various information data cannot be effectively analyzed and utilized, and it will be difficult for the enterprise to achieve high-quality development. By introducing the mold ERP system and integrating its concept into the enterprise project management business, it can break through the barriers between different levels and departments of the enterprise, realize business integration and business connection, collect and share various information and data, and effectively analyze and utilize them, thereby establishing Integrated management platform.

Build a financial structure based on the business model, and use financial indicators to guide the business direction, thereby optimizing business processes, realizing comprehensive data sharing and corporate management efficiency, and breaking through corporate management bottlenecks.

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