What products does CNC machined parts processing mainly included ?

Parts can be said to exist in every mechanical product, but the standards for different types of parts are also different. Of course, there are also special regulations in general. After all, as people often say, the rules are not square. Then even if all the parts are not specified, it will not work. Of course, there will be some undefined parts, but these are collectively called non-standard or cnc machining parts.
Some non-standard parts are also processed. Although processing is just a process, it is also a very important step. However, what products does the processing of non-standard parts mainly include ? I wonder if everyone knows this? But whether you know it or not,  what non-standard parts are processed, computer connector connectors, keyboards, digital camera inserts, fixtures, auto parts, fixtures, hardware punches, blades, automation equipment And other processing. Welcome to consult!  http://www.ptjmachining.com 
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