Why Is Carbon Fiber So Expensive?

As a new material, carbon fiber has the advantages of high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, creep resistance, seismic resistance, strong designability and so on. It has been used in aerospace and military industry, automobile high-speed rail, sports entertainment, medical equipment and other fields. However, its expensive price makes many people shrink back.So why is carbon fibre so expensive?1. High production cost: Carbon fiber is pre-oxidized, carbonized and graphitized by polyacrylonitrile, bituminous or viscose based fibers at high temperature. After spinning, it needs to go through many drafts (including boiling water roller draft and high-temperature steam draft) and drying and densification, which results in high energy consumption.And in the carbonization process, also need 24 hours uninterrupted open furnace, maintain high temperature, consume a lot of energy.2. High technical requirements: The production of carbon fiber is a very complex system engineering, including a series of physical and chemical reactions. The mechanism of some reactions has not been thoroughly studied, and the equipment required for some reactions cannot meet higher requirements.With the progress of The Times, the performance requirements of carbon fiber are constantly improving, and it needs a lot of money to develop carbon fiber with higher strength and modulus.3. Technological monopoly: the core production technology of fiber is only in the hands of a few developed countries such as Japan and the United States, and the price is determined by them.They have banned the export of technology pools and high-performance fibres and introduced laws.In 2013 it was reported that a Chinese man had been sentenced to five years in prison in the Us for illegally purchasing space-grade carbon fibre.At present, except for the mass production of T800 grade carbon fiber just achieved by Zhongfu Sheneagle, domestic production of carbon fiber is still dominated by T700 or even T300, while Japan has successfully developed the high-strength carbon red dimension of T1100 grade as early as 2014.Carbon fiber is more expensive, but for the application market, the cost should be compared by emphasizing its high performance.For example, carbon fiber composite materials used for automobiles should not only calculate the cost of their components, but also calculate the comprehensive benefits that carbon fiber materials can bring to the sustainable development of society, such as energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.This is also the value of high-performance materials different from traditional materials.

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